Company Profile

Chambers and Associates Surveying Ltd. was incorporated in 2005 and is the continuation of a survey company that has been in practice in the Niagara area since the late 1800’s. The firm holds the records of C.A. Grassie O.L.S., G. Ross, O.L.S., P. Eng., J.R. Scott, O.L.S. P. Eng., D.A. Lane, O.L.S., C.J. Clarke, Niagara Ltd. and P.D. Reitsma Surveying Ltd.


  • Donald G. Chambers, B. Sc., O.L.S., O.L.I.P.
    Co-Owner, Supervisor

  • Dave Toulouse, C.S.T.
    Co-Owner, Office and Project Manager


We provide a variety of services related to the orderly definition and development of land.
We apply our expertise in the collection of documented information and field data and in the
management of this data into formats that benefit the user.

We offer survey services for the following;

  • Real Estate Transactions and Determination of Extent of Title
  • Location of Buildings and Structures in Relation to Legal Boundaries
  • Highway and Local Road Widening and Grading
  • Subdivision of Land through Consent (Severance) Applications, Plans of Subdivisions, Plans of Condominiums, and Part Lot Control
  • Development Applications under the Planning Act and Condominium Act
  • Variances to Zoning By-laws
  • Site Plan Applications
  • We also provide consultation services to deal with our clients’
  • requirements to respond to the various agencies involved in the development process (i.e. severances, rezonings, minor variances, etc.)
  • Geodetic Surveys for Construction
  • Layout position of new buildings, fences and hedges
  • Data Collection and information presentation for Geographic Information Systems
  • Forensic Case Reconstruction
  • Online databases for geographic information
  • Refinancing real property or securing a mortgage (see link to SRPR)
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Topographic surveys
  • Control surveys

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Real Estate Transactions

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Surveyor's Real Property Reports (SRPR)